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Thanks Turner G.Davis for sharing your series of works on paper. What a success - with the exhibition nearly selling out! If you missed the showing, note that the full exhibition will be available for viewing online within the next few weeks. You'll still have a chance to peruse, and - if so inspired - purchase a piece. And thank you all for such a wonderful opening to
the new season!

Turner G. Davis "Menagerie" works on paper exhibition Triangle L Ranch ART RANCH Oracle Arizona


works on paper

Turner G. Davis

 Past Exhibition
August 1 - September 5, 2021
Reception Saturday, August 21, 5-9 pm • Artist Talk @ 7pm

Artist Statement

“Menagerie”  is an exhibition that encompasses five years of experimentation and documentation by artist Turner G. Davis. While there are many thematic components (desire, loss, anxiety, mortality, levity, and personal observations) that link these works to one another, they are also primarily all explorations realized through the art of drawing. 


These glimpses and portals were created with a near obsessive fascination with the possibilities of mark making on paper. Often these paper surfaces themselves go through a process of creasing, crumpling, tearing and drenching allowing for elements of chance to enter the finished works."

Turner G. Davis


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