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Suzie Daigneault's

The Triangle L Art Ranch would like to say a big thanks to Chuck LeFevre!  Chuck is the owner operator of Desert Seed Source, a local wholesale native seed supply business. Chuck has been generously donating a seed business by-product, seed chaff. The Triangle L Pollinator Project is happily using this seed chaff as a high quality, desert adapted mulch.  Recycling at its best!

Earth Day Celebration

Saturday, April 22, 2023 • 10-3 pm • Triangle L Ranch

Earth Day Pass • Suggested $10 Donation per person  

Engage with knowledgeable naturalists about native plants, pollinators + environments, including Q&A, Guided Walks, Talks & Presentations and lots more fun things to do.


Explore the Triangle L ART RANCH Sculpture Park/Magic Path's 10 acres of high desert trails and the Pollinator Project. 


View the Adobe Barn Gallery Exhibition • 'Atmospherics' Sharon Holnback  -  An Installation of Glass | Light | Color inspired by botanicals and natural world •

Visit the Gift Shop for locally-made handcraft goods & art.


Schedule of Events

Throughout the Day |  Borderlands Restoration Network’s Native Plant Sale

*OR Pre-buy Native Plants and Seeds to be delivered to this event, please order online (if possible) at - remember to write “Earth Day Oracle” in the notes at checkout.

Greeter | Helen Murphy

10am-10:30am | Native Plant Walk/Talk with Chuck LeFevre

Chuck will be leading a native plant walk/talk through the Triangle L Ranch Pollinator Project, as well as the surrounding plant community. Chuck will also be on hand in the Pollinator Project garden to answer questions regarding plants, and passive water harvesting throughout the day. Chuck’s walk/talk will take around 30 minutes.

Desert Seed Source • wholesale native plant seed supplier
Chuck LeFevre


10am-12pm | Activity Make-a-Clay-Tile with Karen Medley + Catesby Suter

Attendees are invited to create a clay tile with a pressed image of local pollinator botanicals.
Conducting this project will be Karen Medley and Catesby Suter.

Karen Medley is a retired art educator who is continually creating with on-site art installations, ceramics and misc. art explorations. See Karen Medley's artwork in the Gift Shop.

Catesby Suter is a Master Gardener who shares her love of plants through lectures and hands on learning.


12noon-1pm | Presentation by Author Hilary Cox

Based on years of hands-on research, Hilary Cox's book  'The Gardener’s Guide to Prairie Plants' is a wide-ranging, definitive guide to starting and maintaining prairie and meadow gardens and restorations. Hilary’s powerpoint presentation will be approximately 30-40

'Gardener’s Guide to Prairie Plants' book will be available for purchase & signing at the event.


1pm Demo | Hands on Wheel Throwing Pots interactive

Ceramic Artist Karen Medley will demonstrate clay pottery throwing on her wheel, with attendees invited to have a try at it too! 

2pm Presentation | Francesca Claverie Cantù, BRN

Native Plant Program Director for Borderlands Restoration Network (BRN) Francesca will introduce the native plant restoration projects BRN has worked on, as well as highlighting the importance of regionally sourced native plants, and offer some basics of native plant propagation. 


Throughout the Day | Q&A  Jack Dash, President • Arizona Native Plant Society, Tucson Chapter

Jack Dash will be available to answer questions about the Arizona Native Plant Society. which promotes knowledge, appreciation, conservation, and restoration of Arizona native plants and their habitats. Jack will have Books and Literature to share his knowledge.


On Hand  | Converse with Suzie Daigneault, Triangle L Ranch Pollinator Project Creator

Suzie Daigneault is an environmental sculptor working with an emphasis on conservation. Suzie will be on hand at the celebration, and in the Pollinator Project garden to answer questions regarding the project.

The Triangle L Pollinator Project is a confluence of science, art, and nature. This is a multifaceted, long term project that is anchored by a small, specialized botanical garden. The garden is being populated with native, drought tolerant host and nectar plants, purposefully some of which are rare, or threatened. Likewise, we’re aiming to aid and attract multiple species of pollinators, some of which are also rare, or threatened. We are creating a stepping stone that we hope will be a part of a crucial, and increasingly fragmented pollinator corridor. Ultimately we envision a space that will be visited by bees, moths, beetles, butterflies, bats, hummingbirds, and happy people.

Borderlands Restoration Network is a big deal. BRN is an environmental restoration nonprofit in Patagonia Arizona involved in numerous large-scale ecological restoration projects, and collaborations in both the U.S. and Mexico.

We are incredibly pleased to have
Francesca Claverie Cantù, BRN’s native plant director, speaking here at the ranch on Earth Day 2023. She will also be bringing native plants and seeds from the BRN Nursery, which can be ordered on-line at please write “Earth Day Oracle” in the notes at checkout.

BRN’s restoration projects, collaborations, outreach and educational programs are too numerous to list. Here’s just a few of their projects. We highly recommend that you take a deep dive into their website for more information.

BRN along with many other groups, is part of the Borderlands Linkages Initiative.
They seek to secure a network of ecologically rich areas from Mexico to the U.S. to protect the northernmost corridors of jaguar habitat.
Watershed and Habitat Restoration
Borderlands Nursery
Seed Lab
Native Plant Program
Bacanora for Bats

BRN was recently awarded the CEC EJ4 Climate Grant for Environmental Justice and Climate Resilience Project, a $977,000 grant to work alongside numerous agencies for a large-scale, 3 year project to conserve southern Arizona’s landscapes.  
In 2020 BRN won the Salazar Center Connectivity Challenge award. The $100,000 prize was awarded to BRN to create and implement a sustainability certification for producers of bacanora. This is a project to conserve agaves, increase agricultural sustainability, and protect bats in the US-Mexico borderlands.

Thank You for joining us!

The first Earth Day in 1970 led to the passage of landmark environmental laws including the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts, and the establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency.

On April 22, 1970, twenty million Americans - 10% of the population at the time - took to the streets to protest environmental ignorance and demand a new way forward.

On Earth Day 2023 let’s honor the achievements of the environmental movement, and raise awareness of the need to protect Earth’s natural resources for future generations.

100% of our suggested $10 donation directly benefits
Suzie Daigneault's Triangle L Pollinator Projects


Thank You for joining us!

Your generous donations will be going towards any of the following:

• creating a pond with circulation

• purchasing plants, the bulk of attention in 2023 will be towards populating the moon garden

• construction of bee wall and sitting area materials for bat houses


© Susan Daigneault

© Patricia Katchur 2022


'A Pollinator Evening'

Thanks for all attending our Pollinator event that took place on

Saturday, June 25, 2022. The sky was beautiful, the breeze refreshing and conversation educating.

Much Appreciation to the Presenters

Hilary Cox

Suzie Daigneault

Robert Elder

Charles LeFevre



Sharon Holnback & ART RANCH

for hosting the event

Looking forward to future

Art, Nature & History doings -

See you soon!

About The Presenters

Hilary Cox  "First and foremost I am a gardener - from England. Gardening led me to horticulture, which led to my establishing a garden design business. In my moves from the UK to Delaware and Indiana - I had become aware how native plants worked so much better than non-native, which led to my interest in botany and entomology, which duly inspired my designs. My gardens were often on national garden tours. I gave classes on gardening at IUPUI and I wrote for multiple gardening magazines and journals, plus I appeared on TV - teaching about gardening! More recently I learned about desert plants when working with Chuck LeFevre at the Kannally Ranch House gardens at Oracle State Park."

Suzie Daigneault is an environmental sculptor working with an emphasis on conservation. She is a lifelong gardener, environmentalist, and lover of nature. With more than three decades experience in mixed media, Susan Daigneault is also a graduate of the Colorado Institute of Art.

Robert Elder received an MS in Insect Physiology from the University of South Carolina in 1970 and a PhD in Zoology and Physiology from the University of Wyoming in 1980. He has 50 years of professional experience in environmental science with academia, government, industry and consulting firms.  His career included positions in South Carolina, Wyoming, Alaska and Indonesia.  He served as the Director of Environmental Compliance for Atlantic Richfield Company for 10 years at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.  He and his wife, Jenine, moved to Oracle, Arizona from Alaska eleven years ago. He has been a docent at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum for nine years.

Charles LeFevre is a NAU biology graduate with 40 years horticultural experience.

Interested in exploring the intersection of conventional landscaping with ecological restoration. He favors the use of local native plants and passively harvested rainwater. He has worked on exotic weed eradication with Arizona Native Plant Society volunteers.

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Photographs © Patricia Katchur 2022

Suzie Daigneault's Pollinator Project

Along  the ART RANCH Magic Path

Vignettes of Our Sonoran Desert Friends

Painted Ladies on Native Flora 

Leaf Cutters keeping busy

Evening Light

Photographs © Suzie Daigneault 2022

Pollinator Garden Prepping emphasizing Native plants (while clearing out the invasive)

Garden Prep Photos © Patricia Katchur

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