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ART RANCH is a non-profit stewarding GLOW! a nighttime art experience, Adobe Barn Gallery, Scupture Park, History Museum and a Monarch Way Station at Triangle L Ranch, Oracle AZ


Inspiring a deeper connection to art, nature & history

Established 2004 at Triangle L Ranch

Stewarded by ART RANCH since 2020

2019 GLOW_ logo with moon_Flattened.png

Oracle, Arizona

Thanks for sharing in the GLOW! spirit and positivity - all of you shone so brightly - and it was beautiful. See you again along the Magic Path 🧡

'GLOW! a nighttime art experience' is an annual festival held a few nights a year. Guests dress in GLOWing costumes and enjoy illuminated Sculpture and installations along the Magic Path with live music, performance art and multi-media projections. It's a celebration of creativity and community!

GLOW! a nighttime art experience 2023

Metal Figure Sculpture: Jerry Parra
Pink Sculpture: Karen Medley
Photographs © Patricia Katchur 2022

Friday GLOW!
Friday, Oct 27
7pm - 11pm


7pm - 9pm


'Hold My Beer' Band

Carol Markstrom
Country & Western in Lounge


Chris Lock
Liquid Solid Light Show


Heidi MacDonald - 'Match Chat'

Tarot Card Reading

Megha Neo-Celtic Harp

Performance in Amphitheatre


9pm - 11pm

Main Stage

Mitzi Cowell and the Valiants

 Full Moon GLOW!
Saturday, Oct 28

7pm - 11pm

7pm - 9pm


Ralph White with Cougar - Music


Tarot Card Readings

Megha Neo-Celtic Harp

Performance in Amphitheatre

Chris Lock

Liquid Solid Light Show

Carol Markstrom
Country & Western in Lounge

Heidi MacDonald - 'Match Chat'

Poi-Zen Fire Troupe


9pm - 11pm

Main Stage

The Morpholinos

Oracle Pie Lady

Homemade Pie & Baked Goods



Sculpture Park Artists

David Adix

Lori Andersen

Imo Baird

Hadji Banjovi
Kayla Becwar

Sharon Brady

Wyatt Booth

Barbara Jo

Peter Borowski

Michael Carroll

Candi Carrell

Creative Machines

Bryan Crow

Hoge Day

Suzie Daigneault

Steven Derks

Jimmy Descant

Simon Donovan

Cantrell Maryott Driver

David Driver

Leiloni Designs

Spencer Edgerton

David Flynn

Kyle Keady Hansen

Mark Hamilton

Jerry Harris

Jennifer Hecker

Sharon Holnback

Patrick Hynes

Patricia Katchur

Chandra Lear

Troy Letwak

Mario Alberto Lopez

Christopher Lucic

Karen Medley

Carol Mahoney

Benito McDonald

Joy Fox McGrew

Sarah Sutton

Catherine Nash

Danielle Neibling

Ben Olmsted

Earl Olmstead

Jerry Parra

Ralph Prata

Don S. Prentice

Otto Rigan

Joe Rivard

Tony Rosano

Wesley Smith

Judith Stewart

Mark Taylor

Charles Tearney

Eugene Strickland

Kristin Wesley

Paul Whitby

Dan Wilhelm

Joshua Woodhall 

Michael "Oaks" Wright

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