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Sculpture Park Open Daily from
Dawn-to-Dusk by Donation

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Adobe Barn Gallery & Gift Shop
Hours • Saturdays 10-3pm
Or By Appointment 520-404-4022


ART RANCH stewards the Sculpture Park and is located at the historic Triangle L Ranch in Oracle, Arizona. It is an innovative 10-acre high desert art trail destination. Open daily from dawn-to-dusk, our sculpture in the park focuses on self-guided daytime viewing. ART RANCH invites visitors to stroll the Magic Path and experience large scale, contemporary sculpture sited in nature.

The Magic Path offers a sensory experience of sights, sounds and desert scents. Observe the high desert landscape’s native flora, fauna and be sure to visit the Pollinator Project’s Monarch Way Station. A trip to ART RANCH'S Sculpture Park offers a refreshing respite, wonderful wanderings, earthy espyings and enlivening artworks. Fun with family, friends, or for an introspective stroll.

Sculpture Park, Adobe Barn Gallery & Gift Shop

Please contact us for more information about the artists, artworks or to make an art purchase

ART RANCH • 501(c)(3) Non-Profit

Doggies must be leashed at all times while visiting

the ART RANCH Dawn-to-Dusk Sculpture Park

Support the Arts

Triangle L ART RANCH  Sculpture Soiree /  Sculpture in the Park Fundraiser on Sunday, Sept 17, 2023

Triangle L ART RANCH

Sculpture Soirée
Sunday, September 17
4:30 - 7 pm

Sculpture Soirée at Triangle L ART RANCH on Sunday, Sept 17, 2023.. Tickets per person $25

Triangle L ART RANCH
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

Established  2020 


Our Mission

Inspiring a deeper connection to art, nature and history

Sculpture Soirée is a gathering for patrons to enjoy, explore and engage in the Sculpture Park at Triangle L ART RANCH, mingle among the artists who created the 50+ art installations and experience our high desert outdoor space. A celebration to honor the artists and their Sculpture in the Park.


This festive fundraising event also introduces Sculpture in the Park - featuring over 20 new large scale sculptures by 9 artists - premiering on the Magic Path. The new sculptures will also be part of both GLOW!s in late October.


We are also highlighting our focus on ART RANCH's Dawn-to-Dusk easily accessed, self-guided and by donation availability. The convenience ensures daily hours for visitors to meander in the wondrous nature, beauty and inspiring artworks along the Magic Path's innovative 10+ acres of desert trails.


* Don't forget to wear Tennies (nature trails require sensible walking shoes) and Tails (as in tuxedo or a fun animal-inspired tail)


ART RANCH appreciates all support - whether it be monetary or volunteering - to help us continue to expand our focused efforts. Your financial assistance will  help with the cost of keeping the Sculpture Park active, manicured and maintained throughout the seasons for all to enjoy. We hope you delight in our Sculpture Soirée and feel inspired to give a gift for the future of Triangle L ART RANCH.

Ralph Prata installing "All From One Place" #1,2,3,4
Photograph © Sharon Holnback

Sculpture Soirée
$25 Ticket per person


Meet Sculpture Park Artists
Mingle along the Magic Path

Finger Foods
Treasure Map Adventure
& secret surprises . . .

Exhibiting New Sculptures

Lori Andersen
Imo Baird
Candi Carrell
Jimmy Descant
Chandra Lear
Ralph Prata
Wesley Smith
Eugene Strickland
Josh Woodhall

Lori Andersen 'Instruments for Focusing Sunlight'
Photograph © Sharon Holnback

Imo Baird • 'Chaise Queen' and 'Chaise King' Sculptures
Photograph © Sharon Holnback 2023

Sculpture Park Artists

David Adix

Lori Andersen

Imo Baird

Hadji Banjovi
Kayla Becwar

Sharon Brady

Wyatt Booth

Barbara Jo

Peter Borowski

Michael Carroll

Candi Carrell

Creative Machines

Bryan Crow

Hoge Day

Suzie Daigneault

Steven Derks

Jimmy Descant

Simon Donovan

Cantrell Maryott Driver

David Driver

Leiloni Designs

Spencer Edgerton

David Flynn

Kyle Keady Hansen

Mark Hamilton

Jerry Harris

Jennifer Hecker

Sharon Holnback

Patrick Hynes

Patricia Katchur

Chandra Lear

Troy Letwak

Mario Alberto Lopez

Christopher Lucic

Karen Medley

Carol Mahoney

Benito McDonald

Joy Fox McGrew

Sarah Sutton

Catherine Nash

Sarah Sutton

Catherine Nash

Danielle Neibling

Ben Olmsted

Earl Olmstead

Jerry Parra

Ralph Prata

Don S. Prentice

Otto Rigan

Joe Rivard

Tony Rosano

Wesley Smith

Judith Stewart

Mark Taylor

Charles Tearney

Eugene Strickland

Kristin Wesley

Paul Whitby

Dan Wilhelm

Joshua Woodhall 

Michael "Oaks" Wright


A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit

Fundraising, donations, grants and volunteer involvement will help keep the garden tended, artwork on-view and the ART RANCH a space + place for all to enjoy.

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