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Oracle AZ_photo of fancy people on horse
- Will Ladd with his pet Mare Gypsy Orac
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TLR Main House Painting 1932.jpeg
Triangle L Ranch in Oracle, Arizona -  early  20th century building layout
2020 TLR History Museum Sign-01.png
Artifact found on Triangle L Ranch in 2020. Does anyone know about the Arizona State Tax Commission coin? Please let us know...

History Museum of Triangle L Ranch

Currently Closed

The ART RANCH - and our mission to inspire a deeper connection to art, nature and history - is excited to introduce the History Museum. Follow the transformation of the 1880s Tack Shed & Saddle Room into a dedicated and permanent museum space. Embark with us on our sleuthing pursuits to research, collect and preserve found artifacts, vintage ephemera and oral histories.  Delight as we discover the hidden mysteries of Triangle L Ranch life through fun, fact and folklore. Experience life of the Arizona Territory (and  into its 1912 Statehood), cowboys on the cattle range, stage coach travels from Tucson to Oracle and rugged living contrasted against the 20th Century's Dude Ranch, secret love letters and the high-desert hideaway of New York Socialites.

Join us as we launch the History Museum to document the past, present (and future) of Triangle L Ranch and the mountain town of Oracle, Arizona. With an inherited trove of archival photographs from the Triangle L Ranch's beginnings and continuations through its rich history, we hope you find as much intrigue as we do.


Calling all history buffs, cowboys, artists, and the curious-minded to explore and engage with

ART RANCH's History Museum of Triangle L Ranch.

Trowbridge Letter Photo by Patricia Katc

History Museum

A Transformation

from an 1880s Tack Shed + Saddle Room

to a 21st Century History Museum Space

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A 501(c)(3) Charity Non-Profit


Fundraising, donations, grants and volunteer involvement will help keep the garden tended, artwork on-view and the ART RANCH a space + place for all to enjoy.

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