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Artist’s Statement

My work always starts with a recognizable form or found object. It is that recognition that is the entryway into the work, and where that entrance leads is where the art lies. It is a place discovered through making analogies between forms and ideas, through using physical matter to realize spiritual concepts, and by allowing metaphors to bring meaning into the realm of the mundane. As a sculptor, materials are the vocabulary with which I speak. Glass is a relatively new material for me. Its transparency and fluidity suggest water, and I have been intrigued since 2013 with sculpting water and using it as a symbol of the transient, ephemeral nature of life itself.

Jennifer Hecker

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Triangle L ART RANCH welcomes Jennifer Hecker - our first Artist-in-Residence. Hailing from New York State, she is a sculpture professor at SUNY Brockport. During her three week residency, Jennifer will be creating flameworked glass pieces, utilizing the welding shop and foraging the neighborhood junkyard for found materials. Interactions with Oracle, Arizona's high desert landscape, people and culture will help form her creative inspirations. Jennifer also plans to collaborate on a project that will be donated for permanent installation on the ART RANCH Sculpture Park.

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