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Sculpture Park
Open Daily

Adobe Barn Gallery & Gift Shop
Saturdays 10-3pm
By Appointment 520-404-4022

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The GLOW! Show

September thru December 16, 2023
Sharon Holnback • Karen Medley
Ralph Prata • Kyle Keady Hansen
& David Adix

OPEN Saturdays 10-3
Or By Appointment 520-404-4022

Lamps by Kyle Keady Hansen
Photo Patricia Katchur

Candi Carrell - Our Perpetual Lady of Lo

Triangle L ART RANCH

Sept 17 - Dec 31, 2023

Sculpture Soirée at Triangle L ART RANCH on Sunday, Sept 17, 2023.. Tickets per person $25

Come enjoy, explore and engage in the Sculpture Park at Triangle L ART RANCH! Mingle among 200+ art installations while  traversing our high desert nature trails.


Sculpture in the Park - featuring over 30+ new large scale sculptures by 9 artists - for you to enjoy along on the Magic Path.

Candi Carrell • Our Perpetual Lady of Lost Souls and Secrets

Photo Patricia Katchur

Did you know many of the sculptures along the Magic Path are available for purchase?

What a thrill for ART RANCH and the art collector who snatched up Wesley Smith's large-scale installation 'Totem' during the Sculpture Soirée. Art sales help us achieve our goals to advance artist careers. Your support is appreciated, thank you.

Wesley Smith • 'The Transitions Totem'

Photos: Sharon Holnback and Patricia Katchur

Triangle L Ranch Private Cottages

Guest House, Mrs. Trowbridge Suite, Ranch Cabin, Bunk House


Book Online Here

For questions call Sharon 520-404-4022

*minimum 2 night stay

For more photos + details visit

Triangle L Ranch Private Cottages

 Guest House, Mrs. & Mr. Trowbridge Suite, Ranch Cabin, Bunk House

Triangle L Ranch Entry Gate and Historic Drive

TLR Main House painting 1930s_edited.png

Triangle L Ranch's Main House, 1932 

Original Painting © TLR Archive

Photo Sharon Holnback


Kyle Keady Hansen • 'Mermaid' Overview

Photo Patricia Katchur

Triangle L ART RANCH Inc is very appreciative in receiving a $5850 Creative Capacity Grant from the AZ Commission on the Arts (an agency of the State of Arizona). With these funds, we are able to further our arts programming by offering stipends and mini-grants to artists, create promotions & marketing to expand our audiences, and to help secure staffing - thus enhancing our community efforts. ART RANCH would like to acknowledge Arizona Commission on the Arts for believing in and supporting us!

   Thank You! 

Welcome to Triangle L Ranch
About Us



Established in the 1880s by early pioneers, The Triangle L Ranch has remained an influential Oracle, Arizona landmark. From the bygone days of cattle wrangling and dude ranching to today's mission of hosting guests and celebrating art, nature and history, the Triangle L provides a rich experience for all who visit.

Rooms & Rates



The Triangle L Ranch has offered the best in real hospitality since the 1920s with our well-appointed private cottages. Each restored cabin has its own unique charm, affording a relaxing retreat while being surrounded by the natural desert environment.

Triangle L



The passion and dedication to art is visible throughout the grounds of the Triangle L Ranch. Walk the visionary Sculpture Park, from dawn-to-dusk with a donation, visit the galleries housed in adobe buildings from the 1890s, and peruse the gift shop filled with one-of-a-kind, handmade items.

Stewarded by
 A tax-exempt non-profit
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