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Summer’s end brings us right to the brightest nights of the Triangle L year. Ten illuminated acres will include live music and theatrical performance, along with our glowing art and installations.

We all glow brightest together, made possible not just by our contributing artists, but by volunteers.

We’re currently looking for volunteers to participate in any or all of the four GLOW nights. A typical shift is two to two and a half hours, with both indoor and outdoor positions available. Additionally this year volunteers will be comped a free GLOW entrance separate from their shift night to enjoy the festival from both sides.

Any and all members of the community are welcome to volunteer!

If interested, please fill out the form below so we know what kind of volunteer experience is best for you. With that done, we’ll be in touch with your place in the roster as well as any updates.


Available Positions

check tickets as people / guests arrive to GLOW!

Information Booth
provide info for performances, directions to amenities

Gift Shop
assist customers
make sales transactions



direct incoming and outgoing traffic in the parking lot

guide people to parking spots

provide direction to the event

Boundary Monitors
watch over entries and boundaries of event , staging  areas, main house, including main ranch entry gate

Main House
help with warming and setting out food, drinks, and utensils/plates/cups
keeping kitchen cleaned up
watching the house

Pre-GLOW Help
work on paths
work on path lights
special projects for getting the Sculpture Park ready


our most general, but highly valuted position...helping out where needed


cooking something simple and filling for the artists and performers (about 20)

cooking is done ahead of time and can be dropped off the afternoon before GLOW!

a cook is needed for all four GLOW!s

Let us know if you are interested in helping before GLOW! or during GLOW! by filling out the form below.

Alternately, you can email our volunteer coordinator Rose at

Interested in becoming a volunteer?

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Have a preference for volunteer position? Indicate all that apply:
What GLOW! night are you available? Indicate all that apply:
What possible shift time would work best for you? Indicate all that apply:

Thanks for submitting!

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