Volunteer for GLOW!

Be a part of GLOW. Volunteer to staff one (or more) of the four nights of the event and receive a free GLOW! pass for another evening! Details: GLOW! Volunteer

Volunteer to help clear brush & detail the desert paths with Jim Bright. Have fun participating, getting in your exercise & learn some landscaping tips. Jim is an expert at working smarter not harder.

Please email glow@trianglelranch.com if you can join us. Luv ya!

We will be working on LIGHTING PROJECTS throughout the next fews weeks up until GLOW! If you can help, please give us a holler at glow@trianglelranch.com  and let us know when YOU are available. Thank You!

We're super excited - check out the schedule of events for GLOW! a nighttime  art experience Details for GLOW! 2019


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