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Photo Patricia Katchur

Photo Patricia Katchur

GLOW! a nighttime art experience

'GLOW! a nighttime art experience' is an illuminated, out-of-the-ordinary, magical wonderland. Inspired by the mysterious full moon and alluring starlit sky, one is transported to another galaxy while transversing the 10 acres of outdoor trails - with plenty of room to roam. GLOWing artwork, multi-media installations, theatrical performances, projections and live music color the Sculpture Park, offering surprises with each step. Be engaged by the plethora of creative expression and community. GLOW! is an avant-garde art adventure where one can always expect the unexpected. Join us on this fantastical journey.

Hosted by ART RANCH @ Triangle L Ranch in the high desert town of Oracle, Arizona

We are excited to announce the return of GLOW! with plans well underway for 2021. This year’s two “in-person” events are designed to be more intimate yet abounding with even more illuminated happenings + fun. Each night of GLOW! is limited to 100 vehicles. Simply put, a $60 GLOW! Ticket (per vehicle, per event) includes admission for all passengers and a spot in the on-site Ranch Parking Area. Stay tuned to learn more about the many spectacular site-specific artworks and the along-the-Magic Path performances that keep each and every GLOW! a unique adventure for all to enjoy.

GLOWsters attending GLOW! are encouraged to participate in the GLOWing landscape by donning illuminated costumes. Hopefully, everyone is in-action creating their GLOW! attire, whether it be a single bright, lighted necklace or a full-on crazy LED suit or hat or even fun, glittery shoes (of course, appropriate for walking the nature paths)!

Emerald Glass Castle by Sharon Holnback  + Troy Letwak, 2018 Photo © Patricia Katchur 2021
Triangle L ART RANCH, Sculpture Park, Magic Path, GLOW! a nighttime art experience, Adobe Barn Gallery, Gift Shop, History Museum located in Oracle, Arizona Blue Desert by Mario Lopez, 2018 Photo Patricia Katchur ©2021
Triangle L ART RANCH, Sculpture Park, Magic Path, GLOW! a nighttime art experience, Adobe Barn Gallery, Gift Shop, History Museum located in Oracle, Arizona
GLOW 2021 Magic Path with moon violet PH SH_7148.jpg
Triangle L ART RANCH, Sculpture Park, Magic Path, GLOW! a nighttime art experience, Adobe Barn Gallery, Gift Shop, History Museum located in Oracle, Arizona, Electrified Tree by Karen Medley



David Adix

Imo Baird

Hadji Banjovi
Kayla Becwar

Sharon Brady

Wyatt Booth

Barbara Jo Borch

Peter Borowski

Eli Burke

Joe Burke

Michael Carroll

Candi Carrell

Creative Machines

Bryan Crow

Hoge Day

Suzie Daigneault

Steven Derks

Simon Donovan

Leiloni Designs

Spencer Edgerton

David Flynn

Kyle Keady Hansen

Mark Hamilton

Dan Hansen

Jerry Harris

Sharon Holnback

Patrick Hynes

Patricia Katchur

Donald Lacey

Troy Letwak

Mario Alberto Lopez

Christopher Lucic

Karen Medley

Carol Mahoney

Joy Fox McGrew

Sarah Sutton

Danielle Neibling

Ben Olmsted

Earl Olmstead

Jerry Parra

George Penaloza

Jim Pollack

Don S. Prentice

Otto Rigan

Joe Rivard

Tony Rosano

Judith Stewart

Wesley Smith

Mark Taylor

Charles Tearney


Kristin Wesley

Dale Wesner

Paul Whitby

Dan Wilhelm

Michael "Oaks" Wright


Saturday, Sept 18 • 7pm-11pm

Along the Path

Heidi  MacDonald


Liquid Solid Light Show

Megha Morganfield

Felicitas Sokec Tarot Card Readings


Laurel Wilson


Main Stage - Sept 18 

9 pm Borts Minorts! 

9:30 Lucky Baby Daddy - 

Dj Nada & DJ Compliments • Miracle Grow

Saturday, Oct 23 • 7pm-11pm

Along the Path


Liquid Solid Light Show

Felicitas Sokec Tarot Card Readings


Laurel Wilson

Wicked Path

Heidi  MacDonald



Main Stage - Oct 23

Saguaro Strutters

Mitzi Cowell Band • 9pm - 11pm

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A 501(c)(3) Charity Non-Profit


Fundraising, donations, grants and volunteer involvement will help keep the garden tended, artwork on-view and the ART RANCH a space + place for all to enjoy.

A Bit of GLOW! History

'GLOW! a nighttime art experience’ is the brainchild of Sharon Holnback, owner of the Triangle L Ranch. The year was 2004, and the initial inspiration was a full moon celebration with a gathering of artist friends. That first year included the creation of a single loop desert path, aglow with art installations and oodles of twinkle lights. That little single path has since expanded across 10 acres of land with ever-winding manicured trails featuring art and awe-inspiring views from every vantage. Over the years, thousands  have made the annual pilgrimage to Oracle, Arizona to participate and enjoy the illuminated festivities.

In 2020, Triangle L ART RANCH Inc - a 501(c)3 non-profit was formed for the stewardship of the Sculpture Park/Magic Path, Adobe Barn Gallery, Gift Shop, History Museum and GLOW! With a mission to inspire a deeper connection to art, nature and history - we hope to engage and grow the creative atmosphere of interested eyes, ears and hearts.

Help us achieve our goals...
Your DONATIONS benefit ART RANCH and allow us to 
*advance artist careers through exhibitions, stipends, residencies and workshops
*provide a public venue
*contribute to the cultural life of our community
*and to produce events such as GLOW! for both artist + audience

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