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Thanks to everyone who helped, participated and enjoyed


2019 GLOW!

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Special thanks to all the visual artists who create and exhibit their illuminated sculpture across the GLOW! grounds and have their work featured in the Adobe Barn Gallery. GLOW! wouldn’t GLOW! without their contribution. 

2019 Artists

Imo Baird

Hadji Banjovi
Sir T. Beckles

Kayla Becwar

Sharon Brady

Wyatt Booth

Emma Bunker

Bear Carman

Michael Carroll

Candi Carrell

Creative Machines

Bryan Crow

Suzie Daigneault

Steven Derks

Simon Donovan

Leiloni Designs

Spencer Edgerton

David Flynn

Patricia Frederick
Nick Georgiou

Caleb Gutierrez

Kyle Keady Hansen

Mark Hamilton

Jerry Harris

Gary LaCroix

Adora-Marie Higgins

Sharon Holnback

Patrick Hynes

Amanda Lee Smith

Troy Letwak

Mario Alberto Lopez

Christopher Lucic

Karen Medley

Carol Mahoney

Joy Fox McGrew

Sarah Sutton

Barbara Jo McLaughlin

Danielle Neibling

Ben Olmsted

Earl Olmstead

Jerry Parra

George Penaloza

Jim Pollack

Otto Rigan

Joe Rivard

Judith Stewart

Wesley Smith

Mark Taylor

Charles Tearney

Kristin Wesley

Paul Whitby

Dan Wilhelm

Michael "Oaks" Wright


And to all the On the Path & Stage Performers

Linda Lou Reed

Stephen Cook/Piano Society

Tarot Reading by Felicitas

Ric Volante and Vicky Smith

Sir T Beckles

Poi-Zen Fire

Young MacDonald

Sir T. Beckles

Saguaro Strutters

ZUZI! Dance

Joe Peña of Greyhound Soul - solo at Boulder Stage

Datura Moon Orchestra - live music &  projections

hypnopad - electronica on The Hill

Oracle Art Ensemble - live music in The Lounge
Tarot Readings by Felicitas in Gasoline Alley

Oracle Moon Belly Dance - on The Path & Performance Stage

Heidi MacDonald - Peace is Da Bomb performance

Poi-Zen - fire dancing

Mystical Megha Morgan Field - ethereal Celtic harp

Mitzi Cowell Band

Gila Bend

Liquid Solid Light Show - colorful kaleidoscopic projections
Los Puchos

Treasure Mammal

Prison Blues Band - live blues, honkytonk, americana

Gary Platek - ART CAR(t)

Bubble Hut


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